Seedsheet Popup Shop at Boston Public Market


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Hey Boston foodies and DIY urban gardeners! We're running a popup shop at the Boston Public Market (open Wed-Sun, 8a-8p) for the month of June. This is a great place to get all of your locally-grown veggies, grab a bite to eat, and now...pick up your garden-in-a-bag (did someone say Father's Day?). Head home with a new Seedsheet to your apartment in the city to plant your very own farmer's market full of fresh produce.

    We have new products for urban and suburban gardeners alike, as well as green thumb solutions for everyone. School groups come through to learn about local companies and the marketplace, and we have a chance to help everyone have a chance at growing their own food. 'Tis the season for urban farm-delivery and planting gardens. It's not too late to plant your seeds, Boston!

New Product Launch - Tomato & Herbs Seedsheet Bucket Kits

The *brand new* Bucket Tomato Kit, with one "Glacier" tomato in the middle (55 days to maturity for fast-fruit!) and three sweet basil plants. Pick up a bucket here from us too for easy planting. 

The Bucket Herbs Kit, complete with 5 varieties of herbs to have right at your fingertips on the windowsill, balcony or fire escape. This kit includes basil, cilantro, dill, parsley and chives. 


Training future-gardeners at Boston Public Market

School groups come by to tour the market and see whats growing-on. Here, we tested these preschoolers about their gardening knowledge. Seedsheets make growing food so easy, anyone can do it!

Come on down, and join us to grow the future of food.


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