How To Plan For Having The Best Garden On The Block This Year

Here are some garden tips for making your plot the envy of your neighbors and the filler of your fridge. This is the year to start your urban garden or backyard bounty, so check out these quick tips to start growing!


Grab some soil.

  • Yelp your local garden supply store and head over to find some fluffy, organic goodness.


Whether you're growing in a windowsill, patio, or raised bed garden, you'll be set to plant.


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 Flowers, herbs, vegetables, fruit, all of the above?

  • Choose what you want to grow. You are about to make your green thumb dreams come true!
  • Different plants need varying amounts of space based on how large they grow. Read the back of your seed packet for directions...or just plant your perfectly-designed Seedsheet. We've already done the work for you.


Mulch your garden to prevent weeds.

  • Weeds compete with your plants for sunlight, soil nutrients, and water. Laying down mulch around your plants can keep the weeds at bay (and save your back).
  • Mulch with straw, dead leaves or...use a weed-barrier fabric to be 100% effective in preventing any unwanted plants. Seedsheet's got you covered.


Try planting one or more Seedsheet(s) this year and you will have your Instagram-ready garden planted in 30 seconds.

You're welcome. 


Hit us up with all of your gardening Q's using the hashtag #AskSeedsheet. We're here for you.