Beginner's Guide to Starting Seeds for Your Garden

So you have your soil, seeds and how do you start your garden? Don’t be scared, we’ve got your back. 




1. Look up your seeds' spacing requirements on the back of your seed packets (or don’t… we've done the work for you here).

2. Plant seeds. Poke holes in the soil and plant 2-3 seeds per hole in case some don’t make it (not your fault here—perfectly natural!). Then, cover the seeds lightly with soil.

--OR-- Skip all of these steps and lay down your Seedsheet. You're welcome. 

3. Water enough so that the soil is moist all the way through to your seeds.


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4. Sit back and wait. Seeds don’t need light to germinate! Keep container wherever works best until your seeds poke through the surface—then move to your patio or sunny windowsill.

5. Continue to water your garden each morning. As they grow larger, they will need more H2O!



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