5 Reasons Why You Need A Garden This Year


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 After a long winter, treat yo-self and grow your own fresh food.

In case you need a little extra encouragement, we came up with 5 more reasons to get growing.


1. Freshly-harvested food simply tastes better.

It’s a no-brainer that a ripe cherry tomato picked off the stem from your patio garden box is going to have 100% more flavor and healthy-goodness than one that made its way into your home from across the globe in the middle of winter. Have you ever tried growing lettuces or spinach? Fresh greens have amazing & diverse flavor-profiles, more easily tasted in a backyard garden than from a box on the shelf at Trader Joes.

2. Kids (and adults) are more likely to eat healthier.

Did you already ditch your New Years resolution to eat healthier this year? Simply plant your own salad bar to get back to eating the rainbow. The sweet, crunchy taste of freshly-picked snap peas is enticing, especially when the harvest is from your organic garden. Connection to food is an integrative part of understanding our own health, and there is no better way to accomplish this other than growing your own. If a certain vegetable hasn’t been received too well at the dinner table in the past, say kale for example, try growing it! You may not believe how sweet it can be when snapped right off the stem and eaten outside with your toes in the dirt.

3. Eat Your Lawn.

This saying goes for your windowsill, patio, or backyard. It’s time to make idle sunny spots produce delicious, organic food for you! All it takes is a container of soil, a Seedsheet and some water, and you can be your own farmer’s market. By planting a Seedsheet, you conserve resources because the weed-barrier fabric prevents any unwanted plants from competing for nutrients and water. When you water your garden, the H2O will be effectively absorbed by your veggies, herbs and flowers. Productive spaces are “in” and manicured lawns are “out”. 

4. Give back to pollinators.

Growing a garden not only benefits your wellbeing, but also benefits the important pollinator species out there that make it possible to grow food. Flowering plants attract pollinators such as bees, moths, and butterflies, all of which we need in order to have a viable food system. Try sticking some flowers in your garden this year to bring home the pollinators!

5. Share the harvest.

While you're at it, plant an extra row in your garden to produce a little more than you might actually need. Call around to local food shelves or soup kitchens to find donation centers that take fresh food. Maybe a food justice non-profit organization or schools in your area could benefit from your extra harvest! This is a great way to give back to your community who might not have access to fresh, organic food.

If you don't have much extra space but still want to share the harvest, grow it forward with our Pizza Seedsheet--Plant 1 Pledge 1 Campaign. For every Pizza Seedsheet purchased, one is donated to a school or non-profit organization! There are so many ways to share the organicnon-gmohomegrown goodness.


It's time to grow your green thumb!

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