5 Easy Gardening Hacks

1. Water in the morning.

Water your plants first thing in the AM, then check it off your daily to-do list (cha-ching). Avoid watering mid-day, when the sun & heat are strongest (the water will evaporate too quickly, leaving your plants thirsty). 

2. Trellis peas, not bush beans.

Peas are the monkeys of your garden, they love anything to climb on. Use a trellis to have a good quality harvest whether using chicken wire, wooden stakes or another creative method (TIP: Pinterest is a great place for creative trellis ideas).

Bush beans on the other hand, don’t need a trellis. They grow short and wide and are A-OK without support.  

  3. Write with a pencil on plant tags.

Permanent markers aren’t so permanent in the rain. Pencil marking will last longer on your ID tags through the weather! Cut & re-purpose old vinyl blinds or pie tins for an inexpensive and eco-friendly solution. Alternatively, make a map and stick it on your fridge to remember what you planted in your garden each time you reach for a cold brew (you'll never forget).  

4. Plant marigolds (to deter pests) and sunflowers (to attract pollinators).

Growing marigolds and sunflowers in your garden is a great way to beautify your space & give extra incentive for pollinators to stop by and stay a while. Plant marigolds to prevent insect pests from chomping on your broccoli, and sunflowers to attract bees and other beneficial insects. You'll thank the pollinators...they'll ensure your plants produce enough tomatoes for your lunchtime BLT's. Yum.


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  5. Remove carrot & beet tops after harvesting. 

The green tops on roots look picture-perfect when pulled out of the ground, but if you want your vegetables to stay fresh...get your Instagram pic, snip off the greens, and then immediately wash them in cold water. Plants lose their crunch factor if left to sit out in the sun. Make sure to save the greens for use in a stir fry, pesto, or in your breakfast smoothie! #SeedsheetToSmoothie


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