Seedsheet Garden Gift Guide 2017

seedsheet garden gift guide 2017

When the holiday season comes around each year, the predictable last-minute panic sinks in. What do you give to the friend who has everything? What does your vegan cousin actually like? What's the right present for families with young kids?

In an ideal world, we'd like to give gifts that we feel good about while staying within some reasonable budget (good luck!). Luckily, growing food is an affordable and rewarding experience that everyone can get on board with (including the planet!). Gardening doesn't have to be limited by space, it can be done in a small apartment or a big backyard. Below are some of our favorite ideas to cross off that never-ending list this year and give the gift of a garden.


top 5 holiday garden gift picks for everyone you're shopping for:


1. For the wannabe plant-lady (or plant-homme): The Salads Seedsheet Kit ($14.99+)

seedsheet garden gift guide 2017

The Salads Seedsheet is not only the easiest Seedsheet to grow, but it also produces a lush forest of greens that regrow, so you can come back and cut every couple of days. The plants in this one are very cold-tolerant, so they can be grown in early spring or late into the fall (just avoiding a frost). Salad greens are all about quick rewards and green-thumb confidence, especially with personalized tips and tutorials along the way!


2. For the serial plant-adopter: A *great* watering can ($31.30+)


Nothing makes keeping plants alive easier than a good watering can. If every time you water, either the vessel isn’t large enough, or the water completely misses the garden, it’s time for an upgrade. An effective watering can is hard to come by, so snag one for a fellow plant lover in their favorite color starting at $31.30 via Amazon Prime.


3. For a "growing" family: Tacos Seedsheet Kit ($14.99+)


Help someone win “mom/dad of the year” with a Tacos Seedsheet to grow fresh food with their kids! Nothing encourages eating vegetables more than growing the ingredients yourself. With homegrown Rainbow Tacos as the end goal, it wont be hard to motivate little ones to take charge (and watch the tutorial videos for themselves!). 


4. For a vegan sibling: Seedsheet Gift Card ($50+)


Anyone who eats a plant-based diet, will more than appreciate an entire garden dedicated to fresh foods that are fair-game. Let them customize a container or backyard Seedsheet with an epic gift card, and the opportunities are endless! With a big backyard, a personalized 4’x8’ Seedsheet is a great and high-yielding choice, or with just a small balcony, a Custom Container Seedsheet allows the lucky recipient to decide. In this case, beggars can be choosers.


5. For the Instagram-obsessed friend, following all the food trends: The Cocktails Seedsheet LED Kit ($179.99)


There’s nothing that will make a green smoothie bowl or fancy fizz concoction more photogenic than edible flowers! Give a Cocktails Seedsheet + Indoor Garden Kit to the friend who's always making meals into food art. The varieties in the Cocktails Seedsheet grow into multi-colored edible flowers and aromatic ingredients to use year-round. Harvests make for guaranteed IG-worthy content (and bragging rights)! #SeedsheetSuccess


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