Learn 2 Grow with Seedsheet LIVE!

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Catch up on past episodes below:


Episode 1:

How to prepare and plant your Seedsheet™

Episode 3:

2 weeks old
How to thin your Seedsheets™

Episode 5:

4 weeks old
How to harvest your first herbs

Episode 7:

6 weeks old
How to harvest radishes & stake tomatoes!

Episode 9:

8 weeks old
How to Prune/Trim/Eat Tomatoes!

Episode 2:

1 week old
How to water your lil' babies!

Episode 4:

3 weeks old
How to thin and harvest a Salad Seedsheet™!

Episode 6:

5 weeks old
How to fertilize and not cry while eating peppers

Episode 8:

7 weeks old
How to harvest salads, & succession planting

Episode 10:

9 weeks old
How to Grow Your Own Hot Sauce!