Tastier than your farmers' market, and easier than a trip to your grocery store. 

Step 1- Prepare your container

"Pop" open your fabric container by expanding it with your hands, and place it inside of the saucer. It will completely fill out once soil is added. 

Step 2- Add potting soil

Add a nutrient-rich potting soil to the container, shaking the container while filling to ensure equal distribution. Once container is filled nearly to the brim, pat soil flat with your hands. 

Step 3- "Plant" your Seedsheet

Remove Seedsheet from the bag, and place it Seed-Side-Down on the surface of the soil. Pat flat with your hands to ensure even placement. Next, slide the 3 included green stakes through the "X" slits to prevent Seedsheet from blowing away. 

Step 4 - Water your Seedsheet

Water your Seedsheet by evenly applying water for 5-10 second increments with a watering can or hose on the misting setting! Wait for approximately 30-seconds to allow the pouches to dissolve. Repeat this process 4-5 times until the pouches are entirely dissolved and the contained soil is noticeably moist. 

Step 5 - FEAST!!

Each product comes with information on how best to grow and care for your plants, how and when to harvest them, as well as delicious recipes to go from seed to supper!