We believe in our product, and we test plant hundreds of products each year to ensure they meet our rigorous criteria. We are very happy and confident with the Seedsheet, however we also must emphasize that at the end of the day, we are still dependent on nature. If you plant a Seedsheet outside in the middle of a New England winter, it ain't going to work! We do stand behind our products and offer a satisfaction guarantee, we simply ask that you email us a photo of your garden so we can continue to troubleshoot and improve your growing experience.

We are still a very young company, and we are extremely thankful to our customers for supporting this startup and for sharing our vision of a transparent food supply. We want to help you Take Control of Your Food, and we want you to love the experience of using a Seedsheet! Please don't hesitate to ask us questions, show off pictures of your garden (#SeedsheetSuccess), and let us know what else we can do to help pioneer the Future of Food.