Seedsheet Features


We want to help you Take Control of Your Food, so we created a product that simplifies gardening and makes it easy for you to enjoy the freshest, tastiest, healthiest, and most sustainable local food possible.

The Seedsheet is a roll-out garden that is designed with an algorithm, contains organic nonGMO seeds, requires no weeding, and is planted in 30-seconds.


Designed with an algorithm

How far apart do I plant peas? Will they grow well with tomatoes? Will cucumbers grow in my climate? Which variety of carrots will work? Will my corn overtake my beans? These are a few of the many questions that scare off new gardeners, so we combined computer-science with horticulture to build an algorithm that solves these problems. The result is an optimally designed arrangement of plants that work beneficially together, naturally repel pests, and fight off diseases while improving soil quality through biodiversity. The tech industry says that Software will Eat the World, We're turning the tables, here's your chance to eat the software

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Dissolvable Pouches

Once the algorithm determines the location of each plant type, the corresponding dissolvable pouch is heat sealed to the weed-blocking fabric (no adhesives here!). Each pouch is made out of a Certified-Edible dissolvable film, and once watered, the pouch will dissolve in approximately 1-minute, and your seeds will start their germination process. Each pouch contains organic nonGMO seeds and a buffer of soilless medium. 


Weed-Blocking Fabric

Commercial herbicides have been proven to cause cancer and create herbicide-resistant superweeds! We instead use a #5 Recyclable nonwoven fabric, it is perforated to allow water to seep through, helps warms the soil to help early germination, and it protects against garden erosion. Plus it stops weeds, without any nasty chemicals. Take that, weeds! 


Shelf Stable Packaging

Each Seedsheet is sealed within UV & water proof packaging, ensuring that you have an instant garden as soon as your climate is ready! We do recommend that you store your unopened Seedsheet in a cool, stable environment until ready for planting. Each product has a 1+ year shelf life, so you can buy now and plant later!


Organic NonGMO Seeds

Only the very best seeds, from the very best High Mowing Organic Seed Company. Not only are these the highest quality of organic nonGMO awesomeness, they are also local to us in Vermont! We are proud to work with High Mowing, and we all benefit from their massive selection and deep gardening expertise.