Frequently Asked Questions

Are Seeds included? Are they organic and nonGMO?

Yes. Our dissolvable pouches contain the very best organic nonGMO seeds from our supplier partner High Mowing Seed Companywhich as an added benefit, is local to us in Vermont. Depending on the germination rate for each seed type, we include multiple seeds in each pouch to ensure germination. 

Do I need to pull weeds?

No you don't! Our seed pouches are embedded in a weed-blocking fabric which naturally keeps out weeds, without any harmful chemicals or herbicides. As we like to say, spend time with your kids, not your weeds ;)

Do I have to bury the Seedsheet?

No, simply place the Seedsheet (seed-side-down) on top of soil and secure with the included stakes. Refer to our INSTRUCTIONS page for detailed instructions. 

Do I have to puncture the seed pouches?

No, as soon as you water your Seedsheet the pouches will begin to dissolve. Follow the watering directions on our INSTRUCTIONS page for more information.

Can I buy larger Seedsheets??

Yes you can! You can design your own perfect 4'x8' Seedsheet and we'll build it and ship it right to you. They are ideally sized for raised beds... It will be the easiest bed you've ever made ;)

Do I have to use pesticides and/or herbicides?

No! We use sustainable farming principles so that you don't need to add harmful chemicals to your food. Our Seedsheets feature companion planting, where mutually beneficial plants naturally help each other attract pollinators, thwart pests, and improve soil. The weed-blocking fabric prevents sunlight from enabling weeds to germinate and photosynthesize, as well as provides a physical barrier to block their growth .

How long will it last in the package?

Seedsheets will last for an entire year in their packaging, so you can buy now and plant when appropriate for your region. They also make fantastic gifts for your favorite foodies! After 1-year in the packaging the germination rates will start to reduce, however because we overplant each pouch to ensure germination, you should still have success. 

Can I grow indoors?

It will depend on how much light you have available. If you have a large south-facing window that gets 8+ hours of direct light then you can grow our Herbs, Salads, or Tacos Seedsheet. All of the other Seedsheets are also able to be grown indoors, however they will require a LED light for optimal growth and harvest sizes. We recommend a full-spectrum LED grow light for indoor growing.

Do I have to plant in a container, or can I plant outside in the ground?

We recommend planting in a container, however you can plant Seedsheets directly onto the ground, providing that it is nicely tilled loose nutrient-rich soil. For a container we recommend an organic potting soil mix to help with water drainage, since root drowning is one of the largest problems with container gardening. 

How much do I water a Seedsheet?

An instructional brochure is included in each package to guide you on your gardening journey. You can also follow our video INSTRUCTIONS for initial watering information. During the germination phase you should gently water every morning since seeds need constant moisture to sprout. Once your plants develop beyond seedling stage and grow their "true leaves" (roughly when plants are >3" inches tall) they will need more water to support the larger plants. To determine if your developed garden needs to be watered, simply push a finger down 2" into the soil on the outside edge of the Seedsheet, if it is dry add water.

What is the weed-blocking fabric made out of?

The Seedsheet is made from a #5 recyclable nonwoven polypropylene weed-blocking fabric. It is a flexible, breathable, and perforated fabric, NOT a plastic sheet! Water is able to drip through, and perforations help airflow to prevent soil mold and root rot. At the end of your garden's life you can recycle the weed-blocking fabric. 

What are the dissolvable pouches made out of?

The dissolvable pouches are made out of a Certified-Edible PolyVinyl Alcohol film. This material is most commonly used in gel casings for pills, and the laundry pod industry. We worked with our supplier to specifically develop a Certified-Edible version, and while you certainly could eat one of our seed and soil pouches, we wouldn't recommend it, because there's some composted manure in there... and you know where manure comes from...

How much soil do I need to plant my Seedsheet on?

We recommend using the fabric container that we offer on our website for all container Seedsheets. However if you choose to grow in a container you already own, we strongly recommend at least 8" of soil for Herbs, Salads, and Tacos, and +12" inches for Caprese, Cocktails, and Hot Sauce. For large outdoor Seedsheets we recommend planting in a raised bed with 24" of good organic soil.

Can you ship outside the United States?

As much as we would love to we are currently only available in the US. We hope to expand to international sales in the future, but in the meantime we have our hands full with domestic orders!